This is what our exhibitors say

Mr. Omid Amani, Dalsem – Export Area Manager:

Dalsem has been active in Iran for 15 years and sees a huge potential in the Iranian market for future collaboration. Our clients have agricultural backgrounds, specifying in greenhouse and mushroom production.

So far we have been satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors. At iran agro 2018 we aim to maintain our contact with current and past customers and start new collaborations.

We believe that in spite of the current situation there still exist great opportunities and we hope that the international cooperation with Iran will become easier. 

Massimo Digitali,Viale Sistemi Srl – Quality and Tech. Director:

Viale Sistemi is the Italian leading manufacturer of drive equipment for greenhouses and poultry farms. We have been present in the Iranian market since 2017.

Especially farmers and greenhouse builders have visited our booth at iran agro 2018. The amount of visitors has grown with progression of the exhibition.

The existing situation causes many payment problems but I’m convinced that we will find a solution. 

Mr. Javier Pérez Chaves, Spanish Olive Technology - Sales Manager 

We started to work in the Iranian market only last year and it appears to be a market with a strong potential for us.

So far we have mainly met end costumers such as farmers and millers but also various partners and collaborators at iran agro 2018.

Due to the current political and financial situation in Iran we are concerned about the future regarding payments from Iranian companies gradually losing our business on the way. 

Hermann Wieser, General Manager – AAC  

The AAC is active in Iran since 2016. For the most of our companies Iran is a market with high potential for breeding animals and smart farming technologies.

We act in Iran with local partners and meet them during the fair. We are also looking for some new customers.

For me the highlight of this show is that many companies are present with National Pavilions. This shows the sustainable interest in the Iranian market.

We look at the current frame work conditions with a sense of reality and are eagerly awaiting further decisions by the US and especially the European Union. There is still confidence on both sides that in whatever form, economic relations and, above all, payment transactions can be carried out.

Mr. Gustav Kaneps (left), Silk Water Group - VP marketing and Business Development  

We have been active in Iran since 2015 and see Iran as an extremely viable and profitable market. We are currently putting the final touches on a 9 HA Greenhouse project in the south of Tehran, and plan to start growing for local consumption and for export during the coming months.

During iran agro 2018, we plan to meet customers for both of our branches here in Iran. Our 1st target audience are retailers, market owners and purchasing managers of various food industries for our High end produce made at our farm. Our 2nd target audience is farmers and land owners, looking to take their farming abilities using our methods and equipment.

We are thoroughly enjoying being a part of this great iran agro event for the 3rd year in a row. We enjoy meeting the locals and discovering their great passion for our field of expertise and desire to improve their know-how and subsequently, their product.

Obviously the current situation here has its setbacks and challenges. Yet, we strongly believe that these issues will soon be part of the past and that we are facing a very bright future. We will continue to invest in this country and its business opportunities and look forward to seeing everyone here again at the next event. 

Mr. Reza Seifi, PTSilo - Sales Expert

We are an Iranian company serving the international grain storage market. We’ve had many visitors so far at iran agro 2018 and consider the current situation as profitable as the sanctions result in us being the only silo producer in the market and offer us many possibilities.

Mr. Rafal Rozanski (left), Zbr Agro - Sales Executive:

Our company has started its activity in Iran with iran agro 2018. We believe that the Iranian market is very interesting and provides numerous possibilites. Until now we have met a few potential partners and some regular visitors, we hope to meet also farmers in the upcoming days. Unfortunately it won’t be easy to cooperate with Iranian companies because of the Iranian law and bank restrictions. This will result in investing more time and money to be able to make business here.